bright front yard with block wall and round paver steps
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Questionnaire.   This will give me some extra insight into your project before we start.




Give me a quick overview of your project:

How long have you lived in your house and how long do
you plan to stay?



What size is your property?

What problems, issues, or dislikes do you have with
your property?

What do you love about your property?

Do you have an irrigation system?

What kinds of things are you looking to enhance or add to your landscape? ie., patios, decks, walls, steps, firet pit, water feature, shed, garden, etc.

Is there a style you'd like your landscape to have?
Either with plants or other material?

Are there must-go or must-stay plants?

Do you have a budget for this project? Phases?

Will you be hiring a contractor, DIY, or both?

Do you enjoy working in your yard?

Do you have weekly maintenance service?

Additional thoughts?

  * = required field