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In 2014 AJW Landscape formed when I decided it was time to put my design and maintenance businesses under one name. Thus Andy Wilson Landscape Design and Wilson's Landscape Maintenance became AJW Landscape. (AJW are my initials if you hadn't guessed.) They function very separately but with the same shared base for success – me. I make sure that whatever I do is done in a way I can take pride in it. I know that by working hard, paying attention to details and having great communication, my business and thus my clients will thrive.

In 2011 I started Wilson's Landscape Maintenance to expand and diversify my work. In the early 80's my dad, Alan Wilson, with a nursery background stared a maintenance business that he still does part time. Having experience working for him, and designing and maintaining landscapes complimenting each other, yard care was a great fit.

In the spring of 2008 I started Andy Wilson Landscape Design. Since then I've done over 210 projects! My favorite thing about my design business is my independence. This allows me to focus completely on what's best for my client and their landscape without being tied to any particular way of doing things.

From 2003 to 2008 I worked in Portland for Dennis' 7 Dees, one of the largest design/build companies in Oregon, creating hundreds of large and small residential and commercial landscape plans. I also had the opportunity to see those designs installed - which was a great experience that taught me how to design in a way that is both practical and cost effective.

I received my degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Idaho. That provided me with a strong background in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), landscape graphics, large-scale master planning, plant material, surveying, landscape history and theories, creating construction documents and more. I was also able to study garden design in the hill towns of Italy.

My interests are not only in landscape design, but also in the art of golf course design. I studied golf architecture in college and have had the opportunity to do some preliminary course designs and would love nothing more than to one day design my own course.

My wife and I were both born and raised in Salem and we met in preschool. We currently live in South Salem with our three kids. We enjoy playing golf when the rare opportunity to play arises and doing all the actives that come with three young kids, my favorite of which is coaching their baseball teams. I also love to work in my own yard, and every day I enjoy coming home to a functional and beautiful landscape. I look forward to working with you to make your own landscape something you can be proud of.